Before and After Botox Transformation


What is Botox?

Botox is derived from the natural bacterium called Clostridium botulinum and other of its related species.  Botox is a purified protein that helps to relax the muscles and blocks the nerve signals from it. Originally, Botox was used for ocular dystonias, but is now used in numerous areas throughout the body, with applications ranging from medicinal to cosmetic. Due to its continuous development, it can now also be used as a temporary wrinkle remover, treatment for overactive bladder and sweaty underarms.

There have been misconceptions and negative information about Botox as it is considered a toxin. but it has been approved by the FDA and it is considered very safe on small doses. Botox offers people positive transformations to those who want to change not just their physical appearance but also their happiness.

Is Botox a Poison?

A lot of people believe that Botox is a harmful procedure that can negatively affect the composition of a face. However, problems concerning Botox will only happen when an excessive amount of its unit is injected into the face. That is why it is advised that whenever you are planning to have a Botox, consult and trust only professional practitioners. You will have a better result and feel comfortable and safe if you are in the right hands.  

Let us now check out some before and after transformations after having a Botox.

Positive effects before and after having Botox

Botox is meant for improving physical appearance, especially the removal of unwanted wrinkles on the face. However, there are still other benefits to look forward to including:

  • Increased Self-Confidence

Having a clear and youthful face can boost your self-confidence. It can make you more positive towards your outlook on life. It can also make you feel better, especially when interacting with people. Having Botox can help you be more hopeful and happier towards your overall well-being.

  • Provides Happiness

Of course, after having some improvements on your face, it will most likely result in more happiness. Having Botox will erase the unwanted and unattractive wrinkles on your forehead and under the eyes. And that is something to smile about.

  • Uplifts the Mood

Getting older is not fun, seeing new wrinkles, also not a pleasurable experience for most although some do manage to do it gracefully. Botox can erase those lines and give you a tighter and more youthful appearance. This can uplift your mood and help how you feel about not only yourself but also towards  other people so it is a win/win.  It can also positively impact your productivity in life and interaction with other people.

  • Improved Physical Appearance

Of course, having Botox can result in the improvement of your physical appearance. It can erase the wrinkles on your forehead and under the eyes, it can take away the dreaded smokers lines around your mouth and make your lips look fuller, and so much more. Botox can improve not just your overall beauty but also the quality of your life. It can help make an individual more positive and happy.

In the media and online, we have seen a lot of positive before and after transformation with Botox. Here are some photos of those.

Negative Effects before and after having Botox

An excessive amount of Botox or if not injected properly can have negative results. It can impact the lives of the patient, especially their physical appearance. Here are some of those concerns.

  • Weak Muscles

Excessive Botox on the face can make the muscles weak. Due to its strong natural bacterium properties, it can negatively affect and soften the tissues present in the muscles. This can result in droopy eyelids or crooked smiles. It’s important to find a trusted ally to inject your Botox. Check google reviews!

  • Loss of Confidence

After having an unwanted Botox result, it can eventually turn to the loss of confidence. If unwanted side effects occur, this can affect the appearance and overall beauty of the patient. It can affect daily life as the they may not want to be seen during this time. Good thing it usually only lasts 3 months!

Here are some photos of negative before and after transformation using a Botox.

Always remember to seek out licensed and professional practitioners. Do your due diligence and proper research and know the background of any practitioner you intend to work with.

Botox is a way of improving the quality of beauty and life. To avoid problems, start with a smaller amount to see how your body will react and go to the highly reviewed and recommended Botox practitioners.  

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